We develop and manufacture custom machining equipment for our customers.

We are on hand to offer expertise and support from the development phase and throughout.


our turning and
grinding machine


Module assembly

We can also manage the installation of entire assemblies. Our assembly specialists guarantee professional assembly standards and assemble our in-house and supplied components to create finished systems.

This saves them time when finalising later and accelerates their own manufacturing processes. In this way you streamline your purchasing and your logistics whilst simultaneously cutting costs.

Wasufi - our turning and grinding machine

Wasufi is a turning and grinding machine (roller super finisher) developed by Fuchshofer Präzisionstechnik GmbH, which allows for rollers of flaking machines for the oilseed industry (e.g. from Bühler, Allocco, Krupp, Baumeister, etc.) to be machined when already installed.

This prevents costly repair work and long downtimes. The roll doesn’t have to be removed, which can be time-consuming, nor does it have to be transported for repairs either, which puts it at risk of damage during transport. What is more, processing is dust-free and gentle. This minimizes the preparation downtime and increases the service life of the rollers.

The Wasufi can also be used to process rolls in the plastics industry for processing abrasive materials. The quality of the processing or the maintenance work to the roll is comparable with conventional technology, which is normally carried out in a workshop.


Roll geometries and material

  • Diameter: 200 bis 1.500 mm
  • Length: 800 bis 2.500 mm
  • All materials possible

Advantages of the Wasufi:

  • Very short downtimes
  • On-site service under 8 hours
  • Longer service life
  • Machining by turning and grinding
  • Rolls are chamfered automatically
  • Cylindricity below 0.5 mm
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